Deacon Ministry

Able Leaders 

Men who could do anything were in the makeup of Oakwood Chapel’s leadership. Deacon W.W. Ambrose was a biblical scholar, mechanic and carpenter. Deacon Parker excelled as a consummate craftsman, capable of doing the electrical wiring, plumbing, carpentry and masonry himself to build his family home. He also was a biblical scholar and dedicated Sunday school teacher who challenged his students to act him any question for an answer out of the Bible. A number of men were able artisans in the finest traditions of the African skilled workers of the Antebellum South. Oakwood Chapel was blessed with wise men who taught themselves how to do what needed to be done, by observing, imagining and creating.


Deacon Herbert Smith served as chairman of the deacon ministry for over forty years. He built his and several homes throughout the Oakwood Community. The Smith Brothers’ construction company has been active in the life of Oakwood Chapel and the community for years. The education wing, along with the elevator installed in 2008, among numerous other building projects resulted from having this important African-American owned Construction Company in the life of the community.


Deacon Andrew Smith, Sr. serves as Chairman of the Deacon Ministry and his leadership has been important in the management and strength of the Oakwood Academy and the many accomplishments of the church since 2000 and beyond.