Library & Tutorial Ministry




Mission Statement

The Library Ministry encourages reading at all levels , to promote the gain and use of knowledge to grow spiritually and intellectually as thoughtful Disciples of Jesus Christ.



• The Library Ministry was organized in 2006 by First Lady Eaddy to support the literary arts. Strengthening reading and writing skills has been the focus. Members donated books, videos, furniture and other supplies to resource the ministry. Two open houses were held; poetry, book report, and the other creative writing contests were showcased.
• The annual First Lady’s Tea Party is celebrated each November as a medium to encourage fellowship with sisters in the broad community.  In 2010, Senator Yvonne Miller was the speaker.
• The library ministry also recognize those you perform with excellence during the school year.

   Everyone is invited to read and attend the meetings the first Saturday of every month at 10 am, upstairs in the fellowship hall. We have read the following books: The Shack, “Just a Sister Away”, The Bluest Eye", “Letter to my daughter”, "12 Years A Slave" and "Coming Home",  "Lost and Found" by Sara Jakes.


The tutoring program has four tutors to assist those individuals who need extra help in Math, Science, etc. It is held from September to June.


The tutors are:

First Lady Eaddy

Brother Edward Smith

Sis. Mia Garvin


2015-2016 Honor Roll Recipients

Montrielle Lescouflair 1st and 2nd*

Marionna Pope 3rd*

Lashauna Burrus 1st and 2nd*

Devinn Burrus 1st and 2nd*

Antonio Cameron 2nd

Ashleigh Black 1st

Mia Garvin college

Nya Garvin college dean's list

Brianna Garvin college dean's list

Lauren Simmons 1st and 2nd

Rickey Mason 3rd

Niigawan Paige 4th

Brianna Wallace 1st





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 - 757-853-9431